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I need some baseball.
March 9, 2007, 11:22 pm
Filed under: Things I Can't Help

One thing that probably doesn’t come across in my posting in other places is how very much of a sports geek I am. I am the closest thing our college has to Jack Nicholson — front row seats at all home basketball games, trying hard to watch the pottymouth that get leftist feminist types the stink-eye. I’m equally nuts about college football, although our college doesn’t field a team (which I think is brilliant, as football teams are a real money sink and I’d rather have the money spent on curricular needs…besides, Div II football…well, not so good unless you are YSU. Which, incidentally, is an alma mater of mine. Rambling digression off.)

But what I really REALLY love is baseball. Not the stat part. Not the micro-managing fantasy league “wish I could be in uniform” part. Maybe that’s more a guy thing, but I wouldn’t say so for sure. For me, what gets it is the experience of the game, especially at the minor league level. I like the soft summer winds in the stadium as night falls. I like the green field and the sharp orange of the clay under the lights. I like watching the kids race towards every tipped foul in the minor league parks. I like the hum of the crowd talk and I like to joke with the guys around me about the prospects of this or that player. I like the bugs that halo the lights and I like feeling the humidity build as the thunderheads menace. I am at peace with the chance of rain. I love the goofy promotional games and the multiple-pierced vendors who haul around beer and cotton candy on the same tray (hey, something for everybody!). I like the premise of the game which, like golf, depends not on a clock but on the successful completion of a certain amount of tasks in a certain order. I even like baseball on TV…so much that I will watch teams that I don’t even really like much (like the Mets) just to wind down with the contrapuntal sounds of the crisp play-by-play man and the soothing burble of the color commentator.

This is the coldest day of the winter and I am tired of snow. I really want some baseball today.


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